Armadillo Bag’s Commitment to Quality Ensures Expedition-Ready Performance

Each Armadillo Bag is individually pressure tested at the factory and subjected to rigorous inspections at multiple steps in the manufacturing process.

Armadillo Bag products are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and we employ manufacturing quality management best practices for quality control and quality assurance to ensure they will perform in the field in demanding environments and conditions.

We start by specifying the highest quality materials best suited to our liquid power reservoirs. Every fabric, material and component is selected to deliver rugged, dependable performance. Details include tight sealing caps with nitrile gaskets, highly abrasion resistant Cordura® covers, rubber molded carry handles and a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film formulation that does not degrade when exposed to petroleum products and other essential powersports fluids.

Then, our design and development team collaborate on construction methods and details, incorporating a variety of manufacturing processes such as radio frequency (RF) welding, industrial sewing and injection molding. Multiple rounds of prototyping yields working test samples, which are subjected to a regime of testing in the laboratory and in the field with test riders and drivers. Refinements and improvements continue until we are confident Armadillo Bag will exceed the demands of our customers.

Once in production, our laser focus turns to quality control. At the factory, an independent third-party quality control team performs a battery of tests, including pressurizing every Armadillo Bag to check for leakproof performance. Acceptable quality limit (AQL), a standardized quality control procedure, ensures products meet Armadillo Bag’s high quality standards in randomly selected bags from each production lot. When we receive Armadillo Bags at our warehouse, another round of random inspections is performed on each shipment.

Relentless commitment to continual improvement in all of our systems and processes forms the foundation of Armadillo Bag quality. And that’s why Armadillo Bags are “Tougher Than You.”

Armadillo Bag limited lifetime warranty