Pronghorn Straps™


Every backcountry adventure-seeker needs a handful of these multi-purpose Giant Loop® Pronghorn Straps with virtually unbreakable fasteners. Each pair of stretch polyurethane Pronghorn Straps™ feature stamped aluminum buckles sheathed for scratch protection with arrows that line up for easy fastening. Each buckle prong holds the strap in place for pre-fitting and easy chaining of straps together. Available in color-coded 18-, 25- and 32-inch lengths and marked by size, you’ll find a million uses for Pronghorn Straps!

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Super tough polyurethane stretches slightly to create dynamic tension.

Grippy surface prevents slippage and helps hold gear tight.

Stamped aluminum fastener is sheathed for scratch protection.

Available in 18”, 25”, and 32” lengths, marked and color-coded by size.

Sold in packages of two (2); or as a six-piece bundle with two (2) of each length.

Limited lifetime warranty.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .5 in