What do you mean Armadillo Bag is not an approved portable fuel container?

Armadillo Bag gas bag run over by 4x4 truck

We torture test everything! Here’s a 2019 video of the previous version of the 5-gallon Armadillo Bag getting the truck treatment! This is why our slogan is “Tougher Than You.” We designed the Armadillo Bag for compatibility with hydrocarbon fuels (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet), and it can be used for temporary transport in places where local regulations permit its use for fuels. Can your approved portable fuel container stand up to this kind of punishment? Testing our products for CARB compliance is impossible with the current testing standards being written for rigid containers only. We are working with SEMA to get help revising the standards, so we can put our products through certification. CARB is not a safety standard; it is an air quality standard written to prevent fuel cans from generating emissions when stored in shed, garage or vehicle. With Armadillo Bag, the concept is to carry the fuel only as long as needed to burn enough from the tank to dispense the fuel and stow the Armadillo Bag away for the next time it’s needed. If you’ve read all of this, send us a message, and we’ll share a 20% off coupon for you next purchase here at ArmadilloBag.com, so you can put it to the test yourself!