Why isn’t Armadillo Bag CARB Approved Portable Fuel Container?

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CARB (California Air Resources Board) focuses on air quality as it relates to evaporative emissions from Portable Fuel Containers. Their concern is all of the gas cans sitting in people’s garden sheds and garages allowing fuel to slowly evaporate from them and degrade the Golden State’s air quality – which is a legitimate concern in a state with one of the country’s largest populations.

They do not set standards for safety or regulate any other aspects of Portable Fuel Containers except for evaporative emissions. Among the requirements for CARB compliance is a pour spout that seals up completely when the user is not actively interacting with it, which is what has given us all of those awkward, cumbersome spring-loaded spout mechanisms that cause people to spill more fuel. However, if a container is not being used to store fuel for any significant amount of time with nothing but pour spout sealing it closed, then this concern doesn’t really apply – and this is the case with the Armadillo Bag liquid power reservoir. Our recommended use is for short term transport: Burn the fuel from you tank and immediately empty the Armadillo Bag’s contents into the gas tank and stow away your compact, lightweight, empty utility bladder.

CARB also wrote its testing standards without every imagining a flexible, collapsible Portable Fuel Container – the test descriptions are all written with rigid containers in mind – so the Armadillo Bag cannot even be tested to CARB standards as they are currently written. So, to even have our utility bladder products tested, we will have to pay for assistance to work with CARB to rewrite the testing protocols – not easy, and not cheap.

Our goal is to achieve full CARB compliance as soon as we are able. Meantime, using the Armadillo Bag liquid power reservoir as it is designed and intended for use contributes an insignificant amount of evaporative emissions to our planet’s atmosphere. Just remember: Burn it from your tank, then immediately dump it and store your Armadillo Bag until the next time you need the peace of mind.