Why Isn’t Armadillo Bag DOT Approved?

Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates safety for Portable Fuel Containers. DOT-approval requires certification from a nationally recognized testing laboratory. These requirements are intended to reduce the risk of fire or explosion if travelling with Portable Fuel Container in or on your vehicle.

Flash-Arresting Screen

Although the pour spout included with the Armadillo Bag includes a flash-arresting screen, in practical application the flexible, collapsible design means it’s virtually impossible for vapors to ignite and be pulled back into the utility bladder as air is drawn in. Rigid Portable Fuel Containers remain the same size and shape as fuel is dispensed from them, so vents have to allow air to flow back into the container. But Armadillo Bag’s design is more akin to squeezing a tube of toothpaste: the container simply collapses as the product is dispensed, and air does not flow back into the liquid power reservoir.

Spring-Closing Lid & Spout Cover

The current Armadillo Bag liquid power reservoirs do not feature a spring-closing lid and a spout cover. Since the spout is used only while actually dispensing liquids from the utility bladder, there is no need for it to have a cover. A spring-closing lid is not practical with the current design.

Filling Cap With Hold-Down Locking Brackets

To comply with this, most Portable Fuel Containers employ a basic “child-proof” lid. Armadillo Bag does not current offer this feature.

Drop Protection

To prevent fuel from leaking if the Portable Fuel Container is dropped and the spout and self-closing cover mechanisms are damaged, regulation requires a rugged handle “roll cage” type design to protect these components from damage. This is not practical on a flexible, collapsible container, and when the spout is not in use it is stored in the pocket, not left attached to the filler. Armadillo Bag sources a rugged fuel tank cap to seal contents inside. In our own drop testing, Armadillo Bags have sustained no significant damage, even when dropped from several stories onto a steel plate. The soft, flexible structure of the Armadillo Bag absorbs impacts more readily than rigid containers, which tend to permanently dent and deform when dropped.

Color Coded

Portable Fuel Containers intended for gasoline must be red; diesel containers must be yellow. Because we do not want to mis-lead consumers into thinking the Armadillo Bag is an approved Portable Fuel Container, we chose not to produce our liquid power reservoirs in these special colors.

The Goal: Full Compliance

Although our ultimate goal is to produce fully compliant and approved Portable Fuel Containers, there are many high hurdles and challenges for a small company to achieve this goal. In the meantime, please use Armadillo Bags as they are designed and for their intended use in the USA, as well as in other jurisdictions that regulate Portable Fuel Containers.